New Joy-Con Bundles Available

Two New Joy-Con Bundles: Neon Blue and Yellow, and Neon Purple and Orange

Translate this page to… In the wake of Splatoon 2’s Final Fest, Nintendo has just announced two new sets of Joycon for purchase at a later date. The first set is the familiar, but newly paired Neon Blue (L-Joycon,) and Neon Yellow (R-Joycon) controllers. But that’s not the only set available, as Nintendo is also …

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System Update 8.0.0 is Live!

System Update 8.0.0 is live!

Translate this page to… Nintendo’s pushed out the latest software update! Here’s what you need to know! Software Sorting For the gamer with more than a few Switch games to play at their leisure, you can now sort the games you own under the “All Software” menu.(Provided you have more than 12 games.) With the …

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Nintendo Account Changes

Translate this page to… Nintendo is making some changes regarding Nintendo Accounts on the Switch, and Switch owners have until the 18th of September to make sure their account is linked properly. In an email sent out today, Nintendo forewarns that Nintendo Accounts can no longer be unlinked from a Switch User Profile, in a …

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